Confession Of Lagos Girl Who Slept With A Dog For 1.5 Million.

“Fast-forward to the Christmas festive period where she informed me she would be in need of 3 girls for the weekend at St. Bartz for a weekend which ultimately had to be a prostitution duty. She added that she had her STD TEST which returns negative and in no time at all she was already on her way to Dubai having been transferred the sum of $8000,” she narrated.

On arriving in Dubai, her friend was lodged in an hotel for two nights and paid another $10,000 with a promise to settle the remaining $30,000 after she might have been through with her task.

Later that night, they embarked on a yatch, herself, the friend in question and another girl, making three of them in number alongside nine other Arabian men. And they all drank wine with excitement.

“An hour later, we were instructed by a servant present on the yatch to move into our separate rooms and lie on the bed naked. After which three of the Arabian men walked into my room of which I presume they did with the other girls to have a taste of me.

“ After messing with them with c*ms all over her face, she thought it was all going to end there only for the three guys to escort her to the shower to start peeing on her.

“The following day happens to be a worse experience as the servants brought to our notice of today being the most important night. This time around they didn’t just c*m on my face as they did in previous times, rather this time around they were defecating on her all over her body including her mouth forcing her to throw up.”

Unfortunately for her, after such an horrible adventure as she was about to depart the city she was informed that she won’t be paid the $30,000 due to her as she didn’t comply with the directives she had been given.

Still, she was delighted she got $10,000 from the adventure and vowed never to get herself engaged in it again. “This business is not for me, Nik. Thanks for getting it in my head that it is ok to be a Porta Potty because it’s not. I don’t know how these girls do it over and over. Not worth the money or self-respect”. She voiced out in anger.

It would be recalled that 2018, a Nigerian lady confessed in a post that went viral that she was sexually attracted to an

imals specifically dogs, adding whenever she saw a dog she was always wet.

According to her, she lost her parents and in order to survive she sought the help of three ladies who then offered a job. The job was to sleep with a dog for the mouth-watering sum of three million naira and she agreed.

The lady went on to describe the sex which took place at Victoria Island, in Lagos with foreigners in charge, as explosive and ever since, she has been lusting after dogs; noting that she has had sex with four men but none of them satisfied her like the dog.