How To Promote Songs On Audiomack.

How To Promote Songs On Audiomack.

If you are looking for the best way to promote your songs on Audiomack, then using a playlist should be your number one option, and this article will show you how to do so.

All you need to do is patiently read it to the end and try to follow the strategies perfectly, and you will definitely get a positive result.

But before I reveal the best way to promote your playlist on Audiomack, let us first and foremost try to get an understanding of what a playlist really is as well as how to create a playlist on Audiomack.

What is an Audiomack?

First of all, Audiomack is a free streaming music app that allows creators and artists to upload and share their content, ranging from music to podcasts, etc.

What is a playlist on Audiomack?

The playlist on Audiomack is simply a compilation of different tracks from various artists based on mood and genre.

A playlist helps a user to cut out the stress of having to select another track after the one playing ends.

With a playlist, a user can listen uninterruptedly to favorite songs added to the playlist.

How to create a playlist on Audiomack.

Before you can create a playlist on Audiomack, you need to first of all sign into your Audiomack account.

And in case you don’t have one, read this article to understand how to create one: How To Sign Up For Audiomack Account.

After signing in to your Audiomack account, you need to create a playlist.

And our next article will teach you how: How To Create A Playlist On Audiomack.

After creating your playlist on Audiomack, you also need to add songs to that playlist.

Read this article and learn how to do so: How To Add Songs And Update Your Audiomack Playlist.

Why do you want to promote your song on Audiomack using a playlist?

There are 2 main reasons why you want to promote your playlist on Audiomack, and they are:

1. To promote your music.

A playlist on Audiomack can help you to promote your own music.

And how can you do so?

Just mix up your songs with current hit songs, so that your listeners can listen to your song when they are listening to their already favorite songs on the playlist.

This way, your songs will be able to get more streams.

2. To make money.

Promoting your playlist will also help you to make money from Audiomack.

And how do you do so?

If you are able to promote your playlist well on Audiomack and have thousands of streams, you can then become a playlist curator on Audiomack.

You can now pitch your playlist to upcoming artists and charge them a fee to include their songs on your playlist to get streams.

How to promote your songs on Audioack.

1. Share your playlist on social platforms.

Depending on how many followers you have on your social media accounts, you can share your playlist on them.

Write a short caption about the playlist and show the tracklist.

Lots of your followers who will see their favorite songs will definitely want to make use of your playlist.

2. Use Ads and paid promotions.

Most of the social media you share your music to will allow you to put in money and run an advert for your playlist on Audiomack.

Facebook and Instagram should be your best option.

Set the right location and interest and target those who will click to play your playlist on Audiomack.