What Do You Need To Make Skits?

Answering the question what do you need to make skits? really lies on the things you will need to shoot a comedy skit which are:

  • Cast and crew
  • Script
  • Costume
  • Location
  • Video camera
  • Microphone
  • Lighting
  • Tripod stand.

Cast and crew.

Your cast will solely depend on your script or storyline, while your crew is going to be the DOP or cameraman, director, etc.


I believe you don’t have your comedy skit off your head because it will make it very hard and time-consuming to explain to your cast and crew. And for this reason, make sure you write down your skit, that is to say, have a script for your comedy skit.


Currently, all the comedians trending on social media platforms have a style of dressing or simply a dress code. For instance, Funny Bros wears a suit, torn cover shoes, hangs a bag, and holds a horn. Thus, you need to choose a costume that will make you stand out and easy to trend.


The location is where you are going to shoot your comedy skit. Ensure you settle for a place that is less busy and noisy to be able to capture the proper sound.

Video Camera

You need to have a very good video camera. A DSLR camera, for example, Canon 6D or 60D is going to be okay. And as we said earlier if you have a good phone, usually an iPhone, you can use it to shoot your comedy skits because most of popular comedians are using it.


A microphone is very important when shooting a comedy skit because you must have a sound production that is clear. You can opt for a boom mic or lapel mic or even use an external audio recorder to capture the best quality sound.


Sometimes your script will require you to shoot indoors or have a night scene. In this case, you need to use a good video light that will give you the perfect video lighting.

Tripod Stand

If you shoot your video holding either your camera or phone in your hand, you are likely going to produce shaky videos. And the only way you can avoid this is by placing your video camera or phone on a tripod stand.

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