How To Become Rich As A Filmmaker.

How To Become Rich As A Filmmaker.

Filmmaking can be a very profitable career if you are able to defy all the odds and know the right steps and strategy to get around where the film money resides and grab it.

It is worth noting that there are a certain group or a particular person who will be able to amass so much wealth in any career they choose in life, safe to say filmmaking. And there are a great majority on the side who will never be able to walk a mile towards succeeding in any goal they pursue in life.

To me, I believe the key to becoming rich as a filmmaker lies in the ability to understand where the real money lies in the film industry. And I also believe there is no area or avenue of filmmaking that is not profitable, it all depends on how one is able to create an impact and have more jobs landing on the table.

In this article, I am going to guide you through a step by step process of becoming rich as a filmmaker and I will end it by showing you the main areas of filmmaking that can give you quick riches if you are able to utilize your expertise in those fields appropriately.

So without any waste of time, let’s get this discussion started.

How to become rich as a filmmaker.

To become rich as a filmmaker, you need to either have the capital to invest in producing and selling a top notch movie or learn and master any or more professions in the film industry and start to get jobs in them.

Below is a breakdown and explanation if how you can become rich as a filmmaker.

  1. Produce and market your own movie.
  2. Learn and master any or more filmmaking professions or careers.

1. Produce and market your own movie.

If you want to become rich as a filmmaker you can produce and market your own movie if you have the capital upfront or the sponsorship that will enable you to do so.

But before you decide to invest in the movie business and become rich, you must learn and understand all the stages and process involved in filmmaking, else so many movie making professionals will use your head to make so much money.

However, if you have someone by the side who is already conversant with the movie industry and you trust him, you can contract him to help you invest your money into making a movie and becoming rich from it.

Producing a successful movie will however depend on the storyline as well as the cast and crew that are contracted to work on the project.

Here in Nigeria, one of the fastest ways to produce a successful movie is to hire popular casts to play the characters in your story. And because these casts already have a large fanbase, your movie is going to enjoy lots of views when it reaches those established actors favorite fans.

It is however worth noting that producing a successful movie is not really the issue as the main problem lies in the ability to market the movie and get a return on your investment.

This is the reason why you must learn about the best ways to promote your movie so that it will enjoy enough sales when it finally reaches the consumption mediums.

You can read the article below and learn how to effectively promote your film.

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2. Learn and master any or more filmmaking professions or careers.

Aside from producing and marketing your own film, another way to become rich as a filmmaker is to learn and master any or more filmmaking profession.

Below is a complete list and explanation of the professions or careers that are available in the film industry.

  1. Screenwriter. A screenwriter is basically the person who formulates the storyline of a film and drafts the scene by scene actions and dialogues that will be played by the respective characters in the movie.
  2. Actor/actress. These are the people who are going to depict the characters who are prevalent in the story.
  3. Production manager. This is the person who oversees how the film budget is spent and ensures everything runs smoothly from day one of the production stage to the end.
  4. Cinematographer. Also known as the DOP (Director of Photography) is the person who records all the scenes using any video recording device like a camera, drone, phone etc.
  5. Director. This is the person who is in charge of the films artistic and dramatic aspects and guides the film crew and casts into interpreting the whole story into the big screen. You can learn how to become a film director HERE.
  6. Gaffer. A gaffer is the person who oversees the lighting aspects of the film production.
  7. Sound engineer. It is the sound engineer who ensures that the audio aspect of the film is properly captured for the listening pleasure of the viewers.
  8. Location manager. As the name implies, the location manager is the one in charge of securing every location that is going to be used in a filming project.
  9. Costumier. The costumier is the person who selects and arranges what the casts are going to wear through out the whole movie.
  10. Make-up artist. The duty of the make up artist is to design and decorate each characters physical looks, and this compels him to use prosthetics in creating special make up effects.
  11. Continuity. The duty of the continuity s to ensure the actors maintain the same performance and dialogue through out the various shots taken for a particular movie scene.
  12. Editor. The film editor is the person who turns the uncut movie footages into a cohesive final project. He is the one who determines the camera angles to use and coordinates the sound and visuals during the post-production stage of a film production.

The key to becoming rich in any of the film profession or career mentioned or not mentioned above is to get lots of jobs landing on your table. And to do this you need to market yourself as a filmmaker.

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